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Tata Panida
Formulation Name Pendimethalin

Tata Panida is a 30% EC formulation of Pendimethalin, a pre-emergence Herbicide for the control of Weeds in soyabean, wheat, groundnut, cotton, mustard and a range of crops. It can destroy 51 types of annual grasses and broad leaved weeds.


Available in 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres & 20 litres packs of pr. tin, MS drums.
Technical Name Pendimethalin

Pendimethalin is a Dinitroaniline based Herbicide. It is a pre-emergent Herbicide, destroys 51 types of annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds, thus protecting crops in the early and critical days of their growth. Pendimethalin technical is available as 95% (w/w).


Acidity 0.2% max
Acetone Insolubles 0.2% max
Moisture 0.3% max


Available in 200 Kg drums.
For export, we supply UN approved packaging material.
Export Formulation Pendimethalin

Pendimethalin formulations are available in 33-34% EC. We also supply customized formulations as per customer's requirements.


The formulation is packed in 200 litre drums.
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