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Seed Treatment Chemicals

Tata Mida 70 WS
Its Technical is Imidaclorpid 70 WS. It is a novel insecticide belonging to new generation NEONICOTINOID group of chemicals. It is an excellent insecticide for control of sucking pests in Cotton, Okra and Chilli.

Glazer 35 WS
Its technical is Metalaxyl 35 WS. It is used for protection from pre and post emergent seedling blights and fungal seed rots in Maize, Bajra, Sorghum & Sunflower.

Tata Mida 600 FS
Its technical content is Imidaclorpid 48% FS. It is a new generation insecticide belonging to NEONICOTINOID group. It is less toxic, systemic insecticides with a broad spectrum of activity for controlling sucking pests such as Jassids, Aphids, Whitefly and Thrips in cotton, okra & Sunflower.

Captaf 50 WP
Captaf 50 WP is an organic, broad-spectrum, contact fungicide based on CAPTAN as the active ingredient. It is ideally suited to control diseases like Scab, Brown rot, Damping off, Downy Mildew, Fruit rot, Clump rot, various Leaf -spots including Tikka disease, Early and Late Blights and Dry root rot diseases effectively.

TROOPER is a broad spectrum fungicide for the control of seed and soil borne diseases. It has both systemic and contact mode of action. It also acts as a plant growth stimulant.