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GeoGreenTM (A trademark of Rallis India Limited), is an organic compost soil conditioner. Custom blended with special organic nutrient additives and enriched with life giving microbes, it can turn poor soils into productive economic farmlands. Geo Green is the most advanced organic compost available in India.

SprcificBenefits of GeoGreen

There are many agricultural benefits of using the GeoGreen product, including:

  • Improves water holding capacity and aggregation of sandy soils;

  • Rehabilitates degraded soils, as it assists in addressing salinity, acidity, low fertility and other contamination issues in soils;

  • Provides a near neutral PH (preferred for most agricultural crops and landscaping uses);

  • Optimises storage of plant nutrients and water;

  • Assists in the maintenance of the structure of the base soil;

  • Reduces the bulk density of the soil;

  • Improves aeration and drainage of dense soils;

  • Provides nutrients in an organic form, which are released slowly over time as needed by the plant/crop;

  • Flocculates soils with low infiltration capacities; and

  • Assists in resisting fungus, root disease and pests;

  • Adds essential microbial activity.

GeoGreen product has several benefits from an environmental perspective as it utilises the waste products of sugar mills and distilleries into useful and technically most advanced organic manure.

Geo Green is produced using a compost production process based on a theromphillic technique capable of producing stable Grade 4 compost materials. These materials have the highest rated stability, which means the materials are fully cured, with the no potential for odour generation, re-heating and leaching.

The soil conditioning fertilizer GeoGreen is biologically stabilised compost. The product is most suitable for application at high rates to soils in India due to its low exchangeable sodium percentage, low chloride concentration and low electrical conductivity. To maximize soil health, the high soluble and slow-release phosphorus (P) content of GeoGreen should be offset by an equivalent reduction in the inorganic P fertiliser applied to plants as pre-plant and post-planting applications. The immediate nitrogen (N) value of GeoGreen is also good, requiring only a small amount of soluble and slow-release N fertiliser application for the first year. High nitrogen application used by Indian farmers and landscapers stimulates luxuriant shoot growth, at the expense of a healthy root system. We have also observed the most severe root disease symptoms. The severity of fungal attack reduced the density of roots in Indian topsoil, increasing the rate at which water infiltrated into the soil. Reducing the rate of nitrogen fertiliser can substantially improve the resilience of the crops to disease.

India is currently witnessing the results of overuse of soils, water scarcity and an ever-increasing escalation in the use of chemical fertilizers. Chemicals, while stimulating plant growth, also leach into the water resources resulting in problems for the land and all who depend on it”. GeoGreen promotes Integrated fertilizer Management (“IFM”), the use of inorganic and organic soil conditioners together. GeoGreen has properties that bind the chemicals to the top layer of the soil and prevent leaching – making the nutrients available to the plant when needed.

GeoGreen is a good substitute/addition for chemical and for phosphate fertiliser. The results in the field (to date) indicate that excessively high rates of nitrogen fertiliser are rendering crops vulnerable to attack from root rot pathogens over the stressful summer months. Balancing the nutrient supply with the seasonal needs of plants is a key component of soil health. Under the summer conditions prevalent in India, levels of fertiliser nitrogen need to be reduced, whilst maintaining or increasing the level of GeoGreen – a very good source of pant available Potassium. GeoGreen is particularly suited for use as a soil conditioning fertilizer in the Indian domestic market due to its high action exchange capacity, high water holding capacity to assist in drought proofing.