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Chlorpyriphos + Cypermethrin

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Chlorpyriphos + Cypermethrin

It is a combination insecticide of two active ingredients, Chlorpyrifos and Cypermethrin. The former belongs to orgnaophosphorous group and the latter is a synthetic pyrethroid.  It is a broad spectrum insecticide with contact, stomach poison with vapour action.  It is a broad spectrum insecticide having contact and stomach action against pod borers, fruit borers, stem borers, leaf miners, defoliating caterpillars, sucking pests, termites etc., Combination results in synergistic action providing longer protection.


200 Ltr MS drums

OR Alu/coex. Bottles of desired size



Chloropyriphos 35% + Cypermethrin 10% EC

Chloropyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC

Hazard Identification

Toxicity Class II