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Lambda Cyhalothrin

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Lambda Cyhalothrin

Is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.  It has contact and stomach action on the target pests.  It is having quick knockdown activity.  It is also having anti feedant and repellent properties for the effective management of crop pest.  It controls a wide spectrum of lepidopterans and coleopteran insects.  It is also recommended for control of bollowrms, jassids, thrips in cotton; rice – Leaf rollers, stem borers, GLH, gall midge, hispa&thrips.  It has moderate effect on sucking pests.  It is also used in public health application.


200 Ltr MS drums

OR Alu/coex. Bottles of desired size



88% w/w(Min.)


Dark brown viscous liquid to semi solid


25/50 gm ltr EC

Hazard Identification

Toxicity Class II