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Hexaconazole 5% + Captan 70% WP

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Hexaconazole 5% + Captan 70% WP

It is a unique combination of contact & systemic mode of action.  It is a combination fungicide based on Hexaconazole 5% and Captan 70% as active ingredients in WP formulation.  It has good protective, curative, eradicant and anti sporulant mode of action.  It is a broad spectrum fungicide highly useful for management of Powdery mildew, anthracnose, late blight, early blight, downy mildew & grey mildew diseases on fruits & vegetables and various other crops.  This fungicide is well suited for soil and seed borne disease too.


100, 250 and 1.0 kg tri laminated pouch




White to Off white


Hexaconazole 5% + Captan 70%(75% WP)

Hazard Identification

Toxicity Class III