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We have expertise in genetic transformation and trait development in several crop specieis. We have optimized protocols for efficient agrobacterium mediated transformation of several genotypes of indica and japonica rices, temperate and tropical maize inbreds, hirsutum cottons including coker and several indian commercial lines and several vegetable species (tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, hot pepper).
Currently the active trait development program include
  Bt Cotton Cry1C, Cry1Ac and stack of Cry1C   and Cry1Ac
  Cotton Leaf Curl Virus using RNAi technology
  Bt Rice Cry1Ac based 2 TDNA approach
  Control of Magnaporthae Oryzae in rice using RNAi   technology
  Tomato Leaf Curl Virus tolerance trait using RNAi   technology (2 TDNA)
  Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus tolerance using RNAi   technology (2 TDNA)

Apart from optimizing transformation protocols, Seed Division (erstwhile Metahelix Life Sciences Ltd) has also assembled a number of regulatory elements that are used in the development of transgenic plants including novel expression systems, and various promoters. Seed Division (erstwhile Metahelix Life Sciences Ltd) infrastructure has the capability to deliver more than 3000 transgenic events per year.
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