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Seed Division (erstwhile Metahelix Life Sciences Ltd) offers plant transformation services in various crop species including rice (japonica and indica), maize (tropical and temperate inbreds), cotton (coker and select indian lines), pearl millet, sorghum, sunflower, tomato, okra, hot pepper and a few cole crops.

Seed Division (erstwhile Metahelix Life Sciences Ltd) has the flexibility to use either its proprietary transformation protocols or those protocols provided to it by the customer under license. Each project can be customized to the unique needs of the customers. A typical project would consist of
  Gene Development
  Agrobacterium mediated Transformation
  Generation of Transgenic plants and verification by    PCR
  Phenotyping (in the T1 plant); Zygosity testing
  Event Selection
  Molecular Characterization

The transformation work can be done either in a standard genotype or in specialized/proprietary genotype of the customer. The entire project will be conducted on a ‘fee for service’ mode and payments are made on a milestone basis as the project is implemented.

Seed Division (erstwhile Metahelix Life Sciences Ltd) could also, in some cases, work with customers on a co-development basis for those traits/technologies that might be of commercial interest in India. For more information, please contact
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