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Rice Plant is a proprietary functional genomics Platform using Large-scale Agrobacterium- mediated Nuclear Transformation of rice, Oryza sative L. With the growing body of sequence information, there is also a parallel and compelling need to assign functions to predicted gene sequences through experimental validation. Experimental validation of gene function, especially for plant genes, (knock-out) of such genes in model plant like rice.
Why Rice?
  Small and sequenced genome
  Well characterized species in terms of genetic,   molecular and agronomic information
  Genome is syntenic with that of other plant species,   especially major cereal crops
  Relatively short life cycle
  Optimized protocols for high throughput genetic   transformation

Rice PlantTM offers you a complete solution for experimental validation of the functions of candidate genes and regulator sequences.
Rice PlantTM Technology Highlights
  Automated Sequence Annotation
  Knock-in through constitutive over expression and   knock-out through anti-sense suppression
  Functional characterization of regulatory regions   using reporter gene fusion
  Customized vector systems for facile cloning and rice   transformation
  High-throughput Agrobacterium-mediated rice   transformation system
  Standard and customized assays of transgenic   progeny plants
  Real time, web based reporting of experimental   results.
Why should you choose Rice PlantTM?
  End-to-end solution from in-silico annotation to   assay of transgenic progeny plants
  Real-time reporting affords full control and   continuous monitoring of experiments
  Gene validation in the most important food crop
  Relatively quick and cost effective gene validation   system.
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