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Rallis has been present in the Agriculture Ecosystem for over 160 years now. During this tenure, we have served more than 3 generations of the farming community. Such a long association with the end customer, the farming community, gives us a good understanding on the changing needs of the customer. Over the years, the crop solutions industry has seen many changes – with respect to regulations, environmental changes, technological advances, user preferences, etc. We @ Rallis believe that it is our responsibility to educate the farmers & help them understand the changes in the field of agriculture.

RKK – Rallis KisanKutumb is a Farmer Contact and Farmer Relationship initiative launched objective of meeting the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers. Farmer education is done through various RKK programs which are aimed to create a platform to communicate about products attributes, result and delivery mechanism and also solving the farmer queries and thus leading towards a satisfied farmer.

Multifarious field activities under various RKK initiatives like MoPu (More Pulses), SamruddhKrishi and participation in Public private partnership coupled with intensive contact programs like 4S campaigns, PRERNA, Crop seminars help in right promotion and usage of our products. Through help lines, Customer Care service and personal contact - all the farmer queries & complaints are promptly attended and resolved.

True to its tradition of high level marketing prowess and customer centricity, Rallis has created many powerful brands both in products and services. According to the latest Brand survey conducted to gauge the Top of the mind recall of products in the agriculture industry, 7 of the top 11 brands were Rallis Brands. Today products like Asataf, Contaf, Applaud, Takumi, Taqat, Solubor and Ralli Gold are very popular and trusted brands among the farming community.

At Rallis every product is treated as an individual entity with strong personality which occupies a special place in the minds of Indian farmer. Careful and strong brand building activity starts from the introduction phase of the product itself – bringing the need based products for farmers which fit in their requirement. Systematic methodology of creating a brand personality and defining the value proposition help us in designing suitable packaging and positioning for the product. These concepts are then taken to the field to test them among farmers and dealers through many rounds of feedback and improvement cycles before arriving on the brand elements and final packaging before its introduction. Appealing brand names, innovative packaging, concept testing with all the stake holders at developmental stage and then designing the effective brand communication – are some of the key elements to ensure the successful journey of a new brand.

Above all - ensuring that the promise of the brand is delivered in terms of quality and after sale service keeps the farmer satisfaction intact and makes them to come back and ask for the product.  We @ Rallis, are determined to create galaxy of Star brands & Satisfied Customers as a part of our successful journey towards profitable growth.