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Our Mission: “To be the most cost effective manufacturing Company producing the requirements of domestic & international customers”.

Efficacious manufacturing base with adequate infrastructure is the backbone of our success story. With factories spread over 4 locations, we have the large enough capacity in the country today, producing more than 10,000 M.T. of technical grade pesticide and about 30,000 Tons/Litres of formulations per annum.

The plant and machinery with in built flexibility enables us to produce new products in a short time and make available even to the remotest location.

The layout and unit plotting at every location conform to safety standards of national and international standards. Waste management approach focuses on controlling waste volume at source and reduction through reuse , recycle including by product recovery. The end of the pipe treatment facility is state of art & includes use of innovative technologies at all stages viz, primary, secondary or tertiary treatment which not only ensures conformance of treated water to stipulated standards but allows us to recycle water in substantial quantities.

Incinerators & novel evaporation equipments have been provided including thermal oxidation of limited quantities of non-treatable liquid wastes while hazardous solid wastes are disposed at government approved sites in safest manner. Air emission control equipments ensure adherence to the regulatory air emission standards.

TATA Business Excellence Model is the driving force across all the units and KAIZEN/ TPM with emphasis on analytical tools is used for continuous improvement. This guarantees total customer satisfaction with value to the money paid by him to buy our products. Quality of our products & our brand image is a testimony to the exceptional level of trust that we have build up with our customer over period of many decades.

We have partnered with several world leaders in the agrochemical business in toll manufacturing. We offer customized services to clients in accordance with their requirements as well as their quality standards.

In order to cater to the pesticide formulation requirement of the country, Rallis has specialized formulation facilities at various geographical locations within the country.

Manufacturing Units



Our main formulation facility located in the geographical center of the country for logistic advantage to cater to the market demands in time. Spread over a plot of 52,000 sq.mts, with separate facilities for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides under a consented volume of 8500 KL per month, handles retail packs ranging from 50 ml to 20 litres under various modes of packaging technology.




Ankleshwar Unit 1

Technical & Formulation

Located in Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation area of Ankleshwar, about 12 Kms from Baruch and 350 kms from Mumbai. The unit with 60,000 sq. mts of plot area, is dedicated to manufacture of fungicides – Technical grade. Besides a basket of – azole molecules, the location collaborates for contract manufacturing for two key customers.




Technical & Formulation

An automated plant controlled by SCADA system manufacturing insecticides and located at Lote near Chiplun in Konkan Region of Maharashtra State about 275 Kms from Mumbai on Goa National highway. Spread over 50,029 sq. mts of landscape major portion is utilized for greenery development. The unit is licensed to manufacture 4400 MT of acephate, an organophosphorous compound.



Technical & Formulation

Located in the Special Economic Zone at Dahej in Gujarat. The Dahej plant is a multi-purpose technical manufacturing facility for a number of crop protection products.


Our expertise in reaction kinetics:

Unit Operations

Unit Processes

Filtration Cynation
Separation Diels Alder Reaction
Crystallisation Friedel Crafts Reaction
Evaporation Grignard Reaction
Drying Chlorination
Fluidisation Azomethylation
Distillation Halogenations
Sedimentation Hydrogenation
Absorption Methylation
  Claisen Rearrangements
  Free Radical Reaction

Waste Management Hardware:

Deodorization strippers
Continuous Extraction Columns
Biochemical Oxidation Reactors
Membrane bioreactor
Multiple stage evaporators
Thermal pyrolisers for solid wastes
Incinerators for gas & liquid wastes
Membership with Common Effluent Treatment Plants