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Sustainability at Rallis

Rallis India, A crop protection solution provider and Responsible Care Company, believes that sustainable way of doing business is the only way to progress and support rural India “one of our most important stakeholders”. Sustainability is core to the business strategy and our business foundations are lead on Corporate Governance with triple bottom line i.e. economic, environmental and social performance together creating sustainable value for all stakeholders through business processes and continued growth. The commitment towards sustainability is evident in Company’s decision to phase out its entire red triangle (Extremely toxic) products and is giving emphasis to green triangle (less toxic) products. On a similar lines Company is developing more and more water based formulations as compare to solvent based formulations to reduce the environmental impact. Company is not limited to greening its product portfolio but going beyond portfolio and supporting farmers in improving yield of their crops by initiatives like MOPU (More pulses programs) where Company handholds farmers to increase farm yield and sale of their product i.e. pulses. This is one the unique model of its kind where Company is working on supporting its key stakeholder solely as a part of its commitment to provide sustainable solutions to Rural India.

Sustainability is one of the strong pillars in Company’s Rallis Poised growth agenda and it emphasizes the engagement of various stakeholders to understand the business needs and develop future strategies. Based on various stakeholders’ response, Company has developed an integrated model of Sustainability focusing on Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility and Affirmative Action initiatives. Under Environment key focus areas are Industrial Waste management and Energy and Greening. Under CSR & AA key focus areas are Natural Resource management and Employability through skill development. Company has developed detailed long term and short term plan on all key focus areas. To ensure proper implementation of sustainability Initiatives Company has strong team at corporate level, equally supported by trained Sustainability champions across all locations. These champions are responsible to drive various sustainability initiatives in their respective locations. The progress is reviewed regularly in Steering committee meetings chaired by Managing Director and CSR Board committee chaired by Board of Director.

Our effort towards Sustainability has been recognized at various forums. Accolades in the year 13-14, includes National Energy Conservation Award, ICC Award for Best Compliant Company for Process Safety Code under Responsible Care, Golden Peacock -Eco Innovation award & two awards for appreciable performance during TATA Volunteer Week (on CSR activities) to name a few. The initiatives like Responsible Care Logo, ISO-50001, Zero liquid discharge from manufacturing unit, Process Safety Management and Behavior Based Safety fetch us these awards and become differentiator with other organizations in this arena.