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Integrated approach to Sustainability


The model covers following focus area and programs

Social (CSR + Affirmative Action)

Natural Resource Management : Water

  • Jal Dhan: Interventions under this program are focussing on “Water Conservation” internally and externally. (e.g. water recycling in manufacturing units and watershed & water Harvesting project under CSR)

  • Jal Mitra: Intervention under this program would be focused on “Optimizing/ minimizing the water usage in irrigation by farmers and water awareness programs for community.

Employability :Skill Development

  • RUBY: Intervention under this program would focus on “Educational interventions and Skill training” for Children, Youths and Women group. Fixed Term trainee (FTT) program at manufacturing units is part of Ruby.

  • TRAITS: Under this initiative minimum SSC pass and non-graduate rural youths from farming background are being trained for one year by imparting them training in Agri-marketing and crop advising field to enable them to take up a career in Agri marketing and crop advising. Employment opportunity for two years is given by Rallis as a part of this scheme to those students who successfully complete the course.


Energy & Greening

Conservation: Conservation of Energy by optimizing use of energy at workplace

  • CO2 reduction: CO2 reduction through various energy saving and solvent reduction initiatives.

  • Renewable source of energy: Adopting various renewable sources of energy like bio fuels, solar and wind energy etc.

Industrial Waste:

Reduction & Reuse: Reduce and Reuse wastes

  • Zero Liq. Discharge: No liquid (treated water) discharge from the manufacturing units. Treated water will be recycled back into the process.

  • Wealth from Waste: Wastes will be converted into useful By-Products in all manufacturing locations.