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  1. Anurag Kumar’s “never give up” attitude helped him to become one of the successful pass out student of TRAITS initiative. Even though he has been working with Rallis in current situation, says, TRAITS program has built in confidence in him and he is planning to become an entrepreneur in future.

Anurag narrates that he was one of the unemployed youth from his village. TRAITS training imparted by Rallis has helped him understand the Agriculture domain in detailed manner, thus increasing his confidence level.

Anurag pronounce:

“I have learnt about crop protection with Rallis product portfolio, which includes about Pest and their identification on Plants. Learnt about How to meet the farmers and organising the farmer meetings. Safety measures to be taken while handling the pesticides. Now I am confident enough to do work in Rallis or to start my own business, but I wish to join Rallis as a crop advisor for now”.

He feels after getting trained through TRAITS, his community and family members are giving him respect by which his confidence level has augmented.

  2. Basic computer education initiative of Rallis Akola unit has change the world for 7th std students of Zilla Parishad school. Two of the students are sharing their views how this initiative has changed their life.

My name is Kalpana Gajanan Dhande. I am studying in 8th std at Zilla Parishad Primary school located at Shivar. I was one of the luckiest students from our school as Rallis has initiated Basic Computer Training for 7th STD students. This program has changed my life.

When I use to visit my uncles place at Amravati during our vacations, it was always embarrassing me as my uncle’s younger son who is almost 4 years younger than me was used to play computer games and handle computer easily which I did not. He further using paint to draw something, write some English words using MS-Word, playing music using computer etc. I was always thinking that when the day will come & I will independently handle this machine?

Thanks to Rallis now in this summer, it was fun for me when I visited my uncle house. Now I am also confident as my younger brother and I use the computer for drawing objects, paint some drawings, play some computer games etc. I also realised now the importance of computer education in our life and career. I thank Rallis India Limited, Akola for providing us the free education on computer operations which will be very useful in my future life.


Employability / Skill training:

1 FTT:

Mr. Mahesh Joined Rallis as FTT, in September 2014 he was promoted to Supervisior grade (Entry point ) in Rallis is shares his experience:

I Feel pride being Employee of Rallis India Ankleshwar Unit. I belong to Kothara Village of Rajpipla Block, Naramada District. My father is a farmer; mother is housewife and my younger brother is studying in college. I had done my PG in M.Sc. Chemistry. I joined Rallis as Fixed Term Trainee (FTT) in September 2012 in Quality Assurance Department. FTT is an employability scheme in which young fresher are given training to execute their talents and learning in to practice. I have been promoted as Supervisor from September 2014. I feel good and acknowledged for my work.

Working with Rallis is a good experience where I learned many things about my profession. All the colleagues gave nice support to me. I feel confident for the position. The organizational healthy environment and policy strengthens my performance and gives me space to contribute my best.


Trainee from Hubli shares his experience saying how TRAITS have changed his life:

Translation: For last 3 years I have been associated with TRAITS. This training program is for rural unemployed youths. This program helped me gain knowledge related to Agri sector. Now I am confident enough and able to help farmers and suggest them the pest and disease control measures. I thank Rallis for conducting such programs and helping rural unemployed youths.

3. Skill training to women:

Mrs. Rohini Gamare of Buddhawadi feels Rallis have helped them to become financial independent.

Translation: She says Rallis imparted various skill trainings and also provided raw material so that they can start their home base business. Rallis encouraged them for selling their products. Villagers also felt good seeing the products made by women group and helped them in selling.



1. Mr. Nilesh Soshte, teacher of Government Ashram School for Tribal girls – Shenva is sharing the benefits their students are reaping with Rallis interventions.

Translation: Our students have gained a lot with various interventions of Rallis India Ltd. The art and craft training that was imparted have Impacted and strengthened the existing skills among students and have build the confidence to be financially independent using this skill sets. Rallis program like Business planning workshop, First aid training, Role model interaction, career guidance etc have empowered these tribal girls to make a sustain living in this world. With Rallis intervention we can see the all round development of our students and request Rallis to continue such interventions in our schools in future also.


2. Principal Mr Ghodeswar sir's view on Rallis interventions at Blue Lotus convent:

I want to Thank Rallis Akola unit and whole heartedly appreciate their efforts in working for development of under privilege children.

I had dream of starting a School for Labour class children and encourage them to undergo technical training for their future career growth. For last 14 years I have been walking alone for fulfilling my dreams.

I belonged to lower income group, hence financially was weak. So started meeting various groups and people to discussion about my dream project, but besides mental support and appreciation for my efforts, I gain nothing. Once I went to meet Rallis Akola unit and it was a fruitful visit. I felt now my dreams can accelerate its growth as Rallis showed positive interest in supporting and helping our school not only financially but with knowledge sharing also.

Rallis initiated various activities in our school for the development of our students. Our students are also eagerly waiting for Rallis programs. Initiatives like Science interventions for students, environment awareness, health check-up and awareness, programs for language development etc are implemented by Rallis in our school.

We had water shortage, so Rallis came forward and constructed Jal Kund for our school, so our water requirement can be meet. We thank Rallis team for their support and encouragement which has motivated and positively impacted our students.



Encouraged and supported contract worker of Dahej unit to initiate and establish his own business thus brightened the life of Mr. Praveen Vasava. Praveen says’ “I feel privileged to work with Rallis India. I would have been working as contract labour if I had not received guidance and Motivation from Rallis Staff.”

I belong to Kothi village near Tralsa, Bharuch. My father is a farmer. I had responsibility of both the parents. To support my family I started working with Vikas Engineering Company and associated as contract labour with Rallis India.

I had never thought of owning an entrepreneurship. Thanks to Mr. Nikesh Mehta and Mr. Manthan Joshi who inspired me to open a new firm for AC maintenance and repairing. With the inspiration and guidance, I opened firm named Shreeji Engineering Company in July 2014 and got the contract of Rallis India Dahej Unit. I earn more than what I was earning as contract labourer. I thank Tata Rallis for boosting my faith and providing guidance to open my own firm. I feel confident and look forward to start business with other companies I am planning to expand the business by hiring new staffs and signing new contracts.


Case study: One of the RKK farmer from SC community shares his experience about how Rallis interventions had helped him progress in Agri field.

Translation: I have been part of RKK for last 2 years. On regular basis I have got agri information which is helpful to me for my farming purpose. I came to know about various products of Rallis used for agri purpose. Company’s representative visits to see the condition of our crop on regular basis and as per the situation guides us regularly. The representatives have shared with us various interventions related to crop protection, pest control and how to increase the crop production. We have used various products of Rallis like Takumi for our Soyabean, Tur and Chana crop and got very good result. On regular basis Rallis management team has visited and interacted with us which helped us to gain knowledge and overcoming our difficulties. I have gain a lot by being the member of RKK. I recommend other farmers to be member of RKK and gain the knowledge to progress in the Agri sector


Village development:

Mr. Mahendra Gamare one of the leaders of Buddhawadi shares how Rallis have helped them improve the status of their village through various interventions like watershed, agri interventions, educational initiatives, women empowerment etc.

Translation: We had manpower and resources, but were lacking in guidance and financial support. Rallis supported us by providing guidance and mentoring us time to time along with financial support to develop our village. We feel gratefulness to Rallis for organising expert talk, study tours, training programs, various educational interventions, timely interaction with our SHG (Self Help Groups) groups. We assure you whole heartedly support for further development in our village.