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Health & Safety Management: Salient point

  • Rallis India is one of the RC Logo Holder Company in India. All the units are certified for ISO-14001 & OHSAS-18801. Our new unit at Dahej is also certified for ISO-50001 (Energy Management). Our two units (Ankleshwar & Lote) had won BSC Five star award in the past.

  • We do not have any Reportable accident & Process related major incidents since a decade which depicts our strong Health & Safety management system.

  • We have strong leadership orientation towards EHS and sustainability. EHS is part of Quarterly review at Board of Director meeting and given top most priority in agenda.

  • The Boards of Rallis provides valuable direction and guidance to the Management and ensures that EHS are accorded the due emphasis, focus and importance. They ensure that EHS implications are duly addressed in all new strategic initiatives, EHS budgeting for improvement plans are appropriate and they encourage, assist, support and counsel management in developing short and long term policies and standards to ensure that the principles set out in the EHS are being adhered to and achieved. They also monitor and review reports monthly and quarterly on EHS performance including policy and legal compliances, as appropriate.

  • We have sustainability cell headed by Head-corporate Sustainability who drives Environment, Health & Safety, and CSR & Affirmative Action functions. Sustainability cell works closely with TATA Sustainability Group and other TATA companies such as TATA Chemicals, TATA Power, and TATA Steel etc.

  • As a Responsible care & sustainable company, leadership decided to phase out Toxic Red triangle product from our portfolio in recent years & that shows strong orientation towards Product stewardship.

  • We have strong process orientation and awards like JRDQV; CII Exim & Best Compliant Company for the Process Safety Code under Responsible Care shows testimony for the same.

  • The complexities of operations at our sites demand the highest standard of safety. Since last year, we have broadened the “Zero Injury” approach as “Target Zero” with an emphasis on ”Lead By Example” with special focus on Behavior Safety, Process Safety & Road Safety.

  • Safety is one of our core values and the company and is committed to continually improve the safety performance by targeting “Zero injury” through world class safety practices

  • Process Safety Management and Behavior Based Safety are two key areas in which company is working passionately and heading towards benchmarking these processes.

  • We are one of the active members in different committee of ICC (RC, SHE & Sustainability), FICCI, CII, Bombay Chambers, who contributes in spreading Safety awareness among Chemical industries and other stakeholders.

  • We have strong Sharing and learning system within unit / group /outside group. This has helped in continual improvement in EHS system over the years.

  • All our units, warehouse and offices are having strong emergency response system including infrastructure, trained Emergency response team and tie up with mutual response group.

  • Process Safety Management is one of the key areas in which company is working passionately and heading towards benchmarking these processes. We have adopted RC Process Safety guidelines and OSHA PSM guidelines and 14 elements based process.

  • Thorough safety review is being done for any new facility/ process to ensure implementation of various safety features/standard and recommendations coming out of PSM & Hazard review process.

  • We have strong employee engagement process which includes one to one communication, Safety & Sustainability Committee Meetings, Monthly Review Meeting, Daily Plant meetings, Area Effectiveness Team Meeting and various other forums. In these forums employees put forward their views and suggestions w.r.t Environment Health & Safety.

  • Contractors Safety management procedure is strictly followed which covers selection, training, meetings, audits & review of various contractors working in premises.

  • As a part of strengthening the discipline is Safety to raise our bar and compete with Benchmark companies, company has formulated a Policy on Consequence Management for Safety Violation for all its employees.

  • As a part of Industrial hygiene we are doing Health & Hygiene assessment and monitoring is being done for individual working in shop floor (process plants, packaging) with the help of personal monitors, Illumination survey, and Noise mapping & ventilation survey. Findings from these surveys are properly evaluated and corrective/ preventive action deployed on time bound manner.

  • Community awareness programs are being conducted which includes Home safety, Road safety & Emergency preparedness.