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Affirmative Action Program in Rallis

In line with Tata Group, Rallis has developed its AA Policy. We have followed a unique process for setting up strategy for Affirmative action. All Sr. management people chalked out the key challenges in driving AA program in their respective areas of business and possible line of action separately. These inputs were then collated and thoroughly discussed in Steering committee meeting to categorize common key challenges and formulate strategy to take off Affirmative action program at Rallis. While finalising the strategy we have considered key challenges of our business, defined purpose of AA, need assessment of the community and inputs from experts in this field. All these were kept in mind while preparing AA strategy for Rallis. Using above inputs we decided to take up Employability embedded with Education as our focus area for Rallis out of the four Es - Employment, Employability, Entrepreneurship and Education. Company has chalked out two programmes namely TRAITs (Employability) and RUBY (Education) to have visible impact on society. Therefore Rallis purpose and focus of AA is very clear: We need pool of manpower from rural background for Agri- interventions. Skill set for such work is unique & is developed through special training. Through this intervention nurturing and equipping youths thus creating opportunity for them in Rallis and elsewhere as this kind of skill set is in demand across various organizations. Through RUBY (Rallis Ujjwal Bhavishya Yojana) intervention focus is on improving quality of education and skill building by imparting training, exposures and informal education to students with a view to enhance employability in long term. Besides our focus area we have also contributed in other 2Es (Employment & Entrepreneurship) as appropriate.

Besides the 4 Es we have also been able to serve the AA communities through various CSR interventions.

Key initiatives in Affirmative Action:

Employability through Skill Development:

As a part of grooming SC/ST youths for the required skill set for Agro Chemical/ chemical industry, we have been imparting skill training to SC/ST youths through TRAITS (Tata Rallis Agri Input Training Scheme) & FTT (Fix Term Trainee).

TRAITS (Tata Rallis Agri Input Training Scheme)

Under this initiative minimum SSC pass and non-graduate rural youths from farming background are being trained by imparting training in Agri-marketing and crop advising field to enable them to take up a career in Agri marketing and crop advising.

One year training is given ‘in-house as well as on the job’ in collaboration with Government run Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs). Stipend is paid to the trainees so that they focus on training (earn-while-learn). Successful trainees would be given certificates jointly certified by Rallis and Government run KVKs.

After successful completion of one year training, these youths shall be given employment support for minimum two years. Thus it will not only make the unemployed rural youths employable, but will also produce loyal frontline sale-force for Rallis India at a lesser price point.

FTT (Fixed Term Trainee):

To tide over shortage of skilled manpower at beginner level, Fixed Term Trainee i.e. FTT concept was evolved for manufacturing. Qualification was agreed as preferably fresh graduates (B Sc / M Sc / Dip) from local Campus or in few cases candidates with less experience will be taken as FTTs. The training is well structured and includes Class-room training, Safety, SAP & Computer training.

The duration for FTT is fixed for two years with assumption that by the end of two years certainty a continual requirement will emerge in term of agreed organization chart. After initial experience it was decided that for every requirement of 6 number of Supervisors 10 number of FTTs will be allowed to be taken. At the end of two years period, a joint assessment is being conducted by a panel comprising of Unit / HO HR / Unit HR and if there is a vacancy, the FTTs are being absorbed as Supervisor. FTTs are given certificate on the completion of training. The trained FTTs are having ample opportunity for employment inside as well as outside the organization.

FTT has been able to generate employment for 2 SC/ST in this financial year.

Besides TRAITS & FTT, Rallis focuses on imparting skill training to students and women group through Community development initiatives. At Lote, Shenva & Kolkhe total 99 women & girls were imparted with Skill training related to fine art like Diya painting, murals, trays etc for home based business. Out of them 85 women/girls (40 women & 45 students) belongs to SC/ST community. 10 women out of this 40 were able to earn money by sale of these products during Diwali celebration.


Under Community Development initiatives various educational activities have been taken across locations as per the need of the area. The approach followed is to focus on creating awareness about the importance of education, improving quality of education through training, focus on holistic development of students and providing Educational Aids to the deprived students. Rallis focuses to implement its educational interventions in SC/STs populated areas.

These interventions are implemented by Rallis CSR team along with Rallis volunteers. Rallis also invites experts from the field to interact with the students like Career counsellors, Role models, experts to share their experiences with the students. These initiatives help to build the confidence level as well as acts as inspiration in the life of students.

Rallis educational interventions have been getting positive feedback from school authorities. The intervention includes activities like Career guidance for 10th and 12th students, Kitchen garden activities, Science interventions, First aid training, Role Model lectures, Self defence training to girl students, skill training, Awareness on Importance of educating girl child – Spoorthi program, Awareness programs related to safe water, home and road safety.

This year Rallis has initiated sponsoring meritorious students from its basic computer program for MS-CIT course. MS-CIT course is run by Govt of Maharashtra and certificate holders from this course get employed in IT field. This year so far 30 such students have been supported under for MS-CIT course and before March 2015 more 20 Students will be sponsored for the said course.

Besides implementing the above interventions, Rallis also supports needy students by providing educational Aids like notebooks, uniforms, etc.